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About Us

Ambiere Safaris

Ambiere Safaris has grown immensely from humble beginnings back in 2020. The company has evolved into an established local and international tourism brand offering a variety of tourism services, including wildlife safaris, mountain trekking, day tours, beach holidays, historical tourism and photography tours. Ambiere Safaris also provides car hire services and hosting tourism events and social responsibilities.

About us

During your safari in East Africa you will travel with our professional guides who are known as the most professional safari guides in Tanzania safari industry. Our guides have superior wildlife spotting skills, language skills and offer local insights. With storytelling and teaching, they enlighten the guests by sharing their sensation, knowledge and admiration of African bush. They are more than leaders, spotters and wildlife experts; they are the true ambassadors for Tanzania.

Sustainable Tourism

Ambiere Safaris seeks to positively impact society, the community and the environment. We aim to strengthen tolerance and build bridges through sustainable tourism and fostering unity within a diverse society.

When compiling our trips we take people, environment, nature and culture into account, so that the holidays are not only special for now, but so that the next generations can also enjoy authentic and adventurous trips in Tanzania.

Our Philosophy is: Hustle for nature and people

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Tanzania’s national parks are havens for huge concentrations of animal and bird life. Serengeti National Park alone has nearly 2 million wildebeest and zebra migrating along ancient trails, followed by lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and jackals. The famous Ngorongoro Crater is a huge volcanic caldera where 25,000 animals live in an atmosphere of unparalleled splendor.