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Community Support

Ambiere Safaris works with the community and invest our time and profit in creating a better future for unprivileged communities in Tanzania. Our goal is to break down barriers for local communities to achieve their main goals be it women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, improving access to healthcare and education.
We also offer different kinds of volunteer programs that give our clients big chance to interact with locals and see where they can give their support to the community. When you choose to travel with Ambiere Safaris, you are supporting the communities that are left behind.We arrange different programs which include reaching the communities, homestays, hospitals, orphanages, local markets, schools etc. We cover and participate in teaching, women empowerment, agriculture, ICT development, environmental management, music and arts, health and sports, youth empowerment etcJoin us in making a difference by volunteering, donate, spread a word or help us in projects fundraising

Our Current Projects

Waste Management Project

Waste management is gradually becoming a serious concern in Tanzania due to limited sorting at source and improper storage, collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal. This implies that significant proportion of the waste generated end up in the environment in an unacceptable ways of disposal which accentuates environmental and public health risks. The waste management problem is more pronounced in squatter settlements, where 70-80% of the urban population resides without the necessary infrastructure and social services. Consequently, over 70% of diseases attended in health facilities in the country are water and sanitation related. We seek to involve youth to be part of the investment in waste removal and management while sustaining the youth status as change makers and problem solvers.

Through the project workshops and training, the youths are able to digest useful ways of recycling waste so as to bring profitability through creative ideas. Some plastic waste like bottles caps can be used to create ear rings and bracelets, some old tires can make chairs and tables or shoes etc. The project is working to expand recycling ideas and create a project recycling hub which in turn can sustain the project and create income generating activities

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Join us in making a difference by volunteering, donate, spread a word or help us in projects fundraising